Do you want better erections? Get fit, try Cardio

The Cardio Low Down – Love it or Loathe it! Cardio!  A few people (a very few I suspect) really enjoy cardiovascular focused exercise and get a lot out of it, both physically and emotionally.  Many have a begrudging respect for it while others do it – but would be happy to find some other [...]

The Big Debate – What’s best Viagra or Cialis?

There’s a plethora of erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments on the market today.  The most popular being Viagra manufactured by Pfizer and Cialis, manufactured by Eli Lilly.  These brand name medications have recently come off patent, meaning that their price have dropped.  Generic brands have always offered men an affordable alternative and this is still the [...]

Exercise as a Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Being active not only has an impact on your body but also your brain. It is important to note that they both play a big role at a man’s interest to have sex. Exercising ensures that you keep yourself at optimal health. Exercise is not in any way meant to replace the prescription medicine used [...]