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Propecia (generic) Online Australia

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Generic Propecia 1mg Contains 1mg of Finasteride

Cipla Laboratories’ Generic Propecia (Finasteride) is a proven treatment (in some men) for male pattern balding (alopecia). It is a generic prescription drug taken orally and contains the same ingredients as the brand name Propecia.  You will not be compromise in quality, strength or safety. The dosage is equivalent, being 1mg tablet per day, if the recommended dosage is not adhered to side effects may occur, take only as directed by your prescribing medical doctor.


Generic Propecia may well be a suitable drug for you.

Who is Finasteride best suited to?  – If you have baldness in the crown or mid scalp areas. Unfortunately men with typical receding hairlines may not experience any benefit from using generic Propecia. Generally results are visible within 3-12 months if  generic Propecia is taken as prescribed.  Should you not experience a benefit with 12 months this means Finasteride is unsuitable for you.

Generic Propecia is classed as a 5a reductase inhibitor drug.  This drug reduces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels in the scalp, which may result in the stimulation of  hair regrowth in men.


  • if your medical practitioner has advised that Propecia is unsuitable for you
  • if you have an allergic reaction to any ingredients contained in generic Propecia
  • If you are over 55 years of age
  • Propecia is unsuitable for use by women

Like all drugs generic Propecia’s has possible side effects, these may include allergic reactions, reduced libido (sex drive), impotence (ED) and in men over 55 years there is a higher risk of prostate cancer. It is important to seek advice from your treating medical doctor.


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  1. Dwayne Rushcutters Bay

    Fast shipping, good price came in blister pack and discreet envelope 3 months later seems to be working on my patches.

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